Important Information Note for teachers and candidates in relation to the Physical Activity Project

The advice contained in this document from the State Exminations Commission will assist with ensuring that candidates demonstrate their levels of achievement to full effect when completing and reporting on their coursework for 2022.

The clarification outlined below is in response to a number of recent specific enquiries from schools offering Leaving Certificate Physical Education with regard to the submission of coursework for LCPE (Physical Activity Project).

Clarification regarding the selection of physical activities for the submission of coursework to the SEC for assessment in Leaving Certificate Physical Education:

For the purpose of assessment golf cannot be combined with another game.

If golf is the physical activity presented for assessment for the Physical Activity Project a physical activity from the physical activity area ‘games’ cannot be presented for assessment for the Performance Assessment.


Important Note on Coursework in new specifications 2021
(PDF – English Version) | (PDF – Irish Version)