SEC – PAP Booklet 2023 Released – Changes to Format

There are a number of changes to the layout of the LCPE 2022 PAP Booklet released by the SEC on Thursday.

The recommended word count in each Section and the allocated marks for each Section/Overall Coherence has changed.
The deadline for submission to the SEC Portal is the 16th of December, 2022.

We strongly advise that all 6th year LCPE teachers and their students familiarise themselves with the following SEC links and 2023 PAP Booklet attached below;

A brief summary of the changes can be viewed in the poster attached below from our colleagues in the PDST.

It is imperative that your students use the 2023 version of the PAP Booklet and not the 2022 or any previous versions.

For any questions on these changes, you should contact the SEC via;