PEAI Video Competition 2016

The PEAI were delighted to announce the launch of the PEAI Video Competition 2016 at the PE Expo this evening.

We are looking for your students to create a video on “The Benefits of physical education”. Students must create a video in a group of 4 max or individually highlighting why PE matters to them. This can fall under the physical, emotional, psychological benefits or the social & life skills benefits.

Basically, let us hear what your students want in PE!!! Lets make our students PE advocates and let them voice why they love our subject. This will allow you, the PE teacher the tools to highlight a powerful message to management in your school when advocating for your subject and also, allow the PEAI to highlight this in a national level to key decision makers.

  • All details attached.
  • Closing date is the 20th May 2016.
  • Entry is FREE and with over 800 euro worth of prizes, this is one initiative you do not want to miss out on!!
  • 3 min max, 4 max per group. You may use any form of video editing software with voice overs, music, role play, actual video footage of a game etc.
  • (You must acknowledge the source of the music and pictures if used in your video).


So get these videos up on youtube, email with the application form along with the youtube link and its as easy as that!

For some inspiration, click on this link here and here!!

Be creative and imaginative and lets get our message across.



the PEAI executive


Why Physical Education matters.docx version 1-2

Application Form