National Physical Literacy Environmental Scan – Survey Completion

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Apologies for any cross posting. Sport Ireland, in partnership with Sport Northern Ireland, have initiated a project to develop a All-island Statement for Physical Literacy. A research team are currently working on developing a relevant definition for physical literacy for the island of Ireland, and they have developed a short survey to gather information from people in Ireland, currently working in areas relating to physical activity and sport participation in young people.


This survey will take approximately 10-12 minutes to complete, and can be completed anonymously up until the 20th of December. The information gathered will be used to help inform the development of Ireland’s first definition for physical literacy, and the responses will also allow the project team to build a picture of the range of existing opportunities for physical literacy development across the island of Ireland.


We would ask that you please send this survey to any stakeholders to whom you think it might be relevant, for example this might include coaches, teachers, programme developers, development officers, and volunteers. We would appreciate you also taking the time yourself to complete the survey. Please note that all data will be kept confidential to the research team, and individuals will not be identified at any stage of the published reports.


Survey can be found here:


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Physical Literacy Research team


(Dr. Wesley O’Brien (UCC), Dr. Sarahjane Belton (DCU), Ms. Sinead Connolly (UU), Dr. Elaine Murtagh (MIC), Prof Marie Murphy (UU), Mr. Kyle Ferguson (UU))

Dr. Wesley O’Brien

Director B.Ed Sports Studies and Physical Education

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2018 International Teaching and Research Scholar The University of Winnipeg, Canada

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