LCPE for students in non-LCPE schools / Additional Subject

The following clarification for students from schools that do not offer LCPE but who wish to sit LCPE as an additional exam subject was provided by the SEC and Department of Education in May, 2021. Please pay particular attention to the final two paragraphs in bold text.

SEC and Department of Education Communication;

Leaving Certificate Physical Education (LCPE) was rolled out on a national basis from September 2020. However, not every school offers the subject. The structure of the Specification and the nature of the assessment components, as summarised below, require that the programme is delivered, and the practical components completed, in a school setting under the supervision of the teacher delivering the programme in that school.  Otherwise, the required coursework authentication steps cannot be met.

The subject consists of;

–          a final written examination worth 50% of the marks,

–          a physical activity project to be completed under the supervision of the class teacher, worth 20% of the marks,

–          a performance assessment to be completed under the supervision of the class teacher, worth 30% of the marks available for this subject.

All components are assessed externally.

Where a coursework element is involved the State Examinations Commission (SEC) has strict conditions in place for completion to ensure the authentication of all aspects of the coursework, its conduct and reporting, as wholly the work of the candidate.

 These requirements in respect of the oversight and authentication of the execution of the project and preparation of the report must be met in full for the coursework element i.e. the Physical Activity Project and Performance Assessment, to be accepted for marking by the State Examinations Commission.

In cases where a candidate presents for a subject with a coursework component and where the coursework element is not appropriately authenticated, the marks for the coursework cannot be awarded and the subject will be resulted out of the remaining marks which in the case of Leaving Certificate Physical Education puts the maximum award at 50%.

It is for these reasons that only students attending regular classes in schools that offer LCPE and completing the coursework component under the supervision of their teacher will be eligible to enter for examination in Leaving Certificate Physical Education.

Accordingly, students from schools that do not offer LCPE or singular students, or groups of other external students, from outside the LCPE schools cannot be permitted to present for this subject.