Evaluation of the Teacher Professional Network (TPN)

Dear PEAI Member,

The Department of Education has commissioned an independent review of the Teachers’ Professional Network (Supplementary) Scheme, which provides financial support for this and other Teachers’ Groups and Associations to support and provide professional learning opportunities for their members. The review is being undertaken by Fitzpatrick Associates Economic Consultants.

The review involves an online survey of the members of all TGAs, the purpose of which is to capture the perspective of existing members on the scheme and the supports it provides for teachers.

Your participation in the survey would be gratefully appreciated. All responses will be treated confidentially and no individual members’ responses will be identifiable to any individual. Furthermore, while the PEAI may be granted access to the results for all PEAI members combined and in aggregate, the consultants will not be reporting the results for any specific association to the Department, rather their report will address the results for the members of all associations which responded, in combination and irrespective of affiliated association.

The link to the survey is below, and it should only take 10 minutes to complete.


The TPN funding is important in allowing Teachers’ Subject Associations to operate and provide important services to members, in an otherwise voluntary context, and we hope this review will serve to ensure it continues to do so as effectively as possible.