Adapted Physical Activity

  • “Physical Education in a time of reform, Ready, Steady, Go” the excellent Adapted Physical Activity resource pack from the 2012 conference, to access please click here
  • “Count me in, a guide to Adapted Physical Activity, Sport and Leisure for children with a disability” to access this resource please click here
  • “Guidelines for Teaching of Students with MILD General Learning Disabilities” to access click here
  • Wheelchair Basketball resource from Wheelchair Sports Austrailia, to access this excellent resource click here
  • “European Inclusive Physical Education Training, (eipet)” resource pack, to access this informative pack click here
  • Special Olympics Coaching Guide, Athletics
  • Special Olympics Coaching Guide, Badminton
  • Special Olympics Coaching Guide, Basketball
  • Special Olympics Coaching Guide, Motor Activities Training Programme
  • Special Olympics Coaching Guide, Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Special Olympics Coaching Guide, Soccer
  • Special Olympics Coaching Guide, Tennis
  • Special Olympics Coaching Guide, Volleyball
  • Special Olympics Coaching Guide, Bocca
  • Special Olympics Coaching Guide, Floor Hockey

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